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February 12, 2019

Senior Project Coordinator

Job Title: Senior Project Coordinator
Salary: $76,186.39 - $92,605.03 Annually
Job Type: Full-time
Department: Community Planning & Economic Development
Location: Crown Roller Mill, 105 - 5th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vacancies: 1
Closing Date/Time:   Mon. 03/04/19 11:59 PM Central Time
Posting Type: Open to the public

The City of Minneapolis seeks a housing development professional with multifamily housing experience to coordinate the financing and development of housing development projects in Minneapolis. This staff position is also responsible for managing assigned housing development projects, various public financing programs, assisting with private investment in the development, and presenting all aspects of the project to the various stakeholders, including the City Council Housing Policy & Development Committee.

 Job Duties and Responsibilities: • Coordinate all aspects of the housing development process including familiarity with loan underwriting and all funding sources associated with multifamily housing development.
• Understand the various types of project financing, evaluate proposals, and assist developers in achieving the best result for the city and its citizens, while efficiently utilizing city resources.
• Lead the development of programs, policies, and strategies that help to achieve City housing development objectives.
• Engage in housing development projects that achieve City objectives and require City involvement for land, financing, or knowledge.
• Assist developers in navigating the public process in an efficient manner. Assist developers in developing timelines for process steps involving City review and approval of uses, site plans and building plans, and budget and financing, and then work with all parties involved in the project to keep it on schedule.
• Create conceptual development plans, lead efforts to identify opportunities for property designated by the City for development, and seek potential investors.
• Prepare requests for proposals (RFPs) outlining project opportunities, identifying City objectives and identifying criteria for proposal selection. Evaluate proposals and make recommendations regarding acceptance.
• Respond to requests from private developers seeking City and/or regional approval and/or financial support for projects involving specific properties or specific uses where the property or location needs to be identified.
• Manage and coordinate assigned projects from initiation to completion, which may include formulating development guidelines and criteria, selecting developers, securing approvals and public financing, managing the project budget, underwriting loans, assuring effective interim property management, securing and implementing grants, negotiating and managing contracts, and any post-construction compliance and monitoring.
• Negotiate the terms and conditions of loans, redevelopment contracts and other contract agreements. Administer and monitor executed contracts, prepare and document payments, certify contract completion, monitor long-term contract compliance and later negotiate workouts and restructuring if needed.
• Manage City-owned property that is held long-term by negotiating professional services, equipment or construction contracts, leases, and operating agreements. Formulate long-term management and capital improvement strategies for held assets.
• Identify, evaluate, and recommend property to be acquired and negotiate approved property purchases in support of the City's housing development objectives.
• Participate as a representative of CPED on task forces and committees and attend conferences, seminars and community meetings.
• Work with neighborhood groups and other stakeholders to discover local objectives and concerns and facilitate public support for economic development projects.
• Respond to requests for information from elected officials and the public.
• Assist management by providing regular constructive feedback on City processes and procedures that impact the mission of CPED.
• Actively participate in development of CPED budgets by proposing business plans for assigned areas of responsibility. 

Working Conditions:
Normal office setting.
 Required Qualifications:

Required Education:
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Real Estate, Urban Planning or a related field.
Required Experience:
Five or more years of housing development, real estate development, or community development experience.

Applicants with Housing Development Finance Professional Certification. Certification from the National Development Council or comparable housing development certification are preferred.

An equivalent combination of related education and experience may be considered.

Desirable Qualifications -- Cultural Competency:
Ability to relate and work effectively with people from diverse cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Selection Process:
Eligibility to be considered for the position will be determined by a rating of training and experience or oral examination (100%). It is very important to fully describe your education and work experiences it relates to this opening on your application form. The City of Minneapolis Human Resources Department reserves the right to limit the number of applicants in any phase of the selection process.
Background Check:
The City has determined that a criminal background check and/or qualifications check may be necessary for certain positions with this job title. Applicants may be required to sign an informed consent form allowing the City to obtain their criminal history and/or verify their qualifications in connection with the position sought. Applicants who do not sign the informed consent form will not be considered further for the position.

Union Representation:
This position is represented by a collective bargaining agreement between the City of Minneapolis and AFSCME.
Eligible List Statement:
The names of applicants who meet minimum qualification and who pass the screening process shall be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration. This list will be certified to the hiring manager who may use the list to fill a vacancy of the same job title. This eligible list will expire two months after it has been established.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • Requires strong financial skills related to real estate and housing development.
• Requires the ability to work effectively with diverse constituencies, including business owners and business organization leaders, neighborhood groups, developers, City leaders, City staff, private lenders, staff and management of other governmental organizations involved in development and individuals of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.
• Requires the ability to coordinate multiple projects at the same time and the ability to prioritize, plan and organize work to ensure completion of multiple work components within a specific structured and/or limited timeframe involving overlapping and complex deadlines.
• Requires comprehensive knowledge of public and private financial tools used in development and redevelopment projects, including the ability to evaluate feasibility of their use.
• Requires the ability to develop and analyze major project budgets and to evaluate multiple complex financing alternatives to determine effective solutions, some of which may require innovation.
• Requires highly polished communication and interpersonal skills, including group presentation and negotiation skills necessary to complete complex financial and legal transactions.
•Requires the ability to present complex information in a public setting where the success of a major project may be determined by the incumbent's ability to convince others who may not always possess technical knowledge of the topic matter.
• Requires knowledge of real estate markets, building costs, and the economics of residential markets.
• Requires general knowledge of the law regarding real estate, land use, and contracts.
• Requires knowledge of City of Minneapolis comprehensive plans, neighborhood plans, zoning, building codes, and administrative planning processes and procedures, City and CPED programs, and other variables that impact achievement of development goals.
• Requires the ability to provide effective training and mentoring in assigned programs and areas of expertise.
• Requires the ability to lead interdisciplinary work teams, task forces and committees to achieve assigned goals.